08 Jan 2017

First Ridge Poem of 2017

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I’m curious about something, but first…

I remember we were right here — God, it was 13, no!

15 — years ago…

Oh. My. God.

I remember being sleepless and wide-eyed

Deep in the ink of that summer night.

The ridgeline cast against a faint moonlight

And boy was it sticky-ass hot

In this same space, same spot

Deafening sounds of nature mixing

With the welcomed coolness of the occasional breeze

We were yet still, door and windowless.

But when I said we were “here”

I also meant “this place”

Simultaneously brimming with happiness/grace,

And yet, sometimes more

Scary and fear-filled

At. The. Core.

So, early this morning like before,

I was waiting and hoping

Secretly wondering if, maybe

This time I could get a word like “OK” Or two, “It’s OK”

Better even three “It’ll be OK” or best,

“It’ll be OK– promise…”

That memory of our being here before

– it woke me up from a deep and still quiet

To the magnificent white cover

And the prickly cold air of winter.

It forced the rise with this sun

And man it peeked ever-so-gently and sweetly from behind that ridge

Blasting its light through these doors and windows

Then there was that moment, when it got so bright and forced my eyes closed

Right then…

Was that you with the faint five-word whisper?

“Glad. To. Remind. You. Again.”

Copyright 2017 Cliff Kayser

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