Our Staff

W. Cliff Kayser

As of September, 2012, Cliff became a VP of Mastery and Coaching Programs and owner/partner of Polarity Partnerships, LLC (www.PolarityPartnerships.com). The 2-year Mastery in Polarity Thinking is conducted at Kayser Ridge. For more details, go to: http://www.polaritypartnerships.com/products/41/polarity-thinking-mastery-program.html.

From 2007 to his joining Polarity Partnerships, Cliff was engaged in the launch of Xperience® LLC. Prior to that, Cliff was Vice President of Organizational Development and Training for the National Cooperative Bank (NCB), a cooperatively owned, Congressionally chartered financial institution located in Washington, D.C. Prior to NCB, Cliff spent nearly a decade serving The Washington Post as Senior Organization Development Consultant and The Washington Post Company as Corporate Manager of Human Resources, Training and Web Development. Previously, Cliff also held human resources and management positions at the Planning & Development Collaborative International, the law firm of Arter, Hadden, Haynes & Miller, and ServiceMASTER.

Cliff holds a master’s degree in organizational development from the American University/National Training Laboratory (AU/NTL) and a master’s degree in human resource management, also from American University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in history and business from Lenoir-Rhyne University and graduated from Georgetown’s executive leadership coaching program in 2007. In 2008, Cliff completed the Becoming a Better Intervenor Program at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Cliff currently serves as an adjunct faculty for the AU/NTL master’s program and is a visiting faculty of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and Mason Center for Team and Organizational Learning, and  the Mason Center for Consciousness & Transformation. He holds the following OD and Coaching certifications:

  • International Coaching Federation certified coach
  • Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR)
  • Certified Master in Polarity Thinking, Polarity Partnerships, LLC
  • Cook-Greuter’s Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF)
  • MBTI
  • Barrett Values Center Level II practitioner
  • Master Trainer for Development Dimensions International, Achieve Global, and Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks

Cliff is a contributing author to The Love, an international collection of over 70 essays, articles and poems. This anthology includes the work of acclaimed New York Times best-selling authors and the generous contributions of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, including Maya Angelou, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Andrew Cohen.

An Associate and Certified Master of Polarity Thinking, Cliff speaks and trains on values and interdependent values in leadership and organizational systems. For more information on Polarity Thinking and how to leverage polarities, go to: www.PolarityPartnerships.com.

Cliff created Kayser Ridge Retreat and Learning Center to provide a unique and intimate space for small groups to experience and accomplish BIG things — and as a way to promote physical,  emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being by tapping into the highest in individual and collective potential.

Learn more about Kayser Ridge Retreat & Learning Center.

Mary Wilcox

Starting in November of 2015, Mary began her Kayser Ridge Retreat Coordinator apprenticeship with tutlege from Dawn. Mary then stepped into the massive void created by the loss of Cindy Hosgood.

Handling everything from supporting groups in the kitchen to maintaining the facilities and everything in-between, Mary has been and is a gift to all who cross the Kayser Ridge threshold.

So, there’s something about Mary…she’s awesome and awesomely multi-talented — a sometimes writer, artist, comedian, and to state the obvious — PEOPLE person!

Stay-tuned for more about Mary and what she’s up to at Kayser Ridge and beyond.

Bottom line — WELCOME ABOARD and THANK YOU for all you’ve done, do, and bring to Kayser Ridge and those who use it!

Dawn Coleman

Dawn is one of those multi-talented, multifaceted individuals who makes writing a bio virtually impossible. Suffice it to say that she has an amazing talent for space and the use of space, is an avid outdoorsperson, a Reiki master, and  her hobbies include yoga and meditation. Dawn began consulting to Kayser Ridge for all things design — space, website, branding, logo, etc., etc. – in late 2009. In 2010, Dawn really became “the face” of Kayser Ridge, assisting with retreats and helping clients create great experiences from start to finish. When we ordered the new business cards in September of 2010, her role was listed as ”Marketing, Client Relations, and Retreat Services.”


Regrettably, Vegas, Dawn’s longtime friend, passed away on May 9, 2013.

We leave these pictures in MEMORANDUM. We’ll miss you, V…

Holly Thompson in June of 2010.

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson has been on the staff of Kayser Ridge since 2005. Incredibly skilled in every facet of building, Holly has used his talents, good nature, and commitment to quality workmanship to bring a the dream of Kayser Ridge to reality. Hands down, Holly is the Most Valuable Player on the Kayser Ridge staff where the execution of major infrastructure is concerned. Kayser Ridge would not be Kayser Ridge without Holly Thompson.

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