What a neat environment you have created. It was enjoyable to share in it with the others. The surroundings and hospitality certainly contributed to the successful outcome of the meeting. You seem to be a true Polarity convert and did a great job of sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge with others. And the attention to the needs of all of us, especially the gluten thing was great. Very thoughtful…I can see why others have appreciated the benefit of the environment and made repeat visits.

Mary Kipp
Kipp & Associates
PO Box 50826
Nashville TN 37205

Imagine attending a retreat and then feeling you had been invited to someone’s private castle in the sky. Not an opulent castle, but one that’s warm, designed to foster community, and where the soul can let its hair down. That’s Kayser Ridge.
-Kristen Barney

Video Testimonials for Anahatha Retreats at Kayser Ridge

From a blogpost by Annalie Killian, October 2011

- a framework called Polarity Thinking to understand duel tensions that are inherently present in most scenarios, as shared by Cliff Kayser who hosted the post-conference retreat. This took place at the intimate and spectacular Kayser Ridge- an awesome timber home sleeping 14 in the Shenandoah Mountains of West Virginia. Cliff Kayser, our host and executive coach, Polarity Thinking facilitator, Tao Master, yoga practitioner, artist and poet built this with love and his own two hands. It is a sanctuary for replenishing mind, body and spirit….and I need to add, Cliff is also an amazing cook and host. A truly beautiful human being and the embodiment of what he teaches…

To be on top of a mountain, to practice yoga outside on a glorious deck, to feel safe and comfortable in a gorgeous cabin, to indulge in gourmet dining — this is Kayser Ridge Retreat & Learning Center – a most profound experience.  Thank you Cliff for your superior guidance and advice and thank you Dawn for your support and super warm hospitality. You are both to quote Bette Midler “the wind beneath my wings.”
-Diane Slavin, YOGA Teacher

If you are looking for a place to work or play, Kayser Ridge is the location. You will find that it is a beautiful site for a daylong conference or multi-day retreat. This stunning space offers comfortable accommodations for rest, breathtaking summit views, and warm hospitable places to convene.
-Rubye Braye

Kayser Ridge was exactly what we were looking for! Ashoka is an entrepreneurial citizen sector organization that strives to build a world of changemakers. Stale hotel rooms and conference centers are not for us. We needed a location that would foster a space for creativity, concentration and team building; Kayser Ridge provided the perfect balance of comfort, rustic charm and positive energy to make our strategic planning retreat a success. Cliff’s tai chi in the morning helped us focus, the mountain view helped us think big and the stunning array of home-cooked delights made sure we had the stamina to achieve our goals. Cliff and Dawn were great hosts, and took care of everything to leave us to enjoy the cozy lodge and accomplish our work. An excellent choice if you are a department of an NGO, a sector of a corporation, a branch of a government agency. . .your team will enjoy this out-of-the-beltway gem.
-Ashoka’s Venture and Fellowship Team

I attended a retreat to explore and expand ‘me’ and ended up on top of a WV mountaintop known as Kayser Ridge. The Lodge on Kayser Ridge is artfully crafted in a rustic wilderness-like fashion that exudes warmth, comfort and spaciousness, while providing enough of the modern conveniences to make relaxing and unwinding easy. Almost immediately after arrival I noticed my energy shift. The tranquility, sheer magnificence and beauty of the surroundings settle your soul and settle into your soul. It is clear that the retreat owner, Cliff Kayser, has developed this ‘experience’ in a sacred union with Mother Nature, and his partnership with Her is an example and invitation to live presently and mindfully. Go to Kayser Ridge and experience “it” — you will not be disappointed!
-Dianne Kipp

Very Relaxing…
We had such a great time during our stay. It was the perfect venue for our group. Breathtaking scenery surrounds and just a short drive to restaurants and shopping. Loved the architecture of the lodge. Really made us feel like we were getting away from it all. They are not kidding about the 4wheel drive vehicle to get up the driveway. We made it, just barely. Would not attempt again with two wheel drive! :)

Thank you sooooo much for your impeccable and generous hospitality during our stay at Kayser Ridge! What you have created is magnificent and is an incredible space to support transformation. I felt incredibly relaxed and peaceful from the moment I got there. I definitely would like to bring my various communities up for retreats there in the future and will also hook you up with others who may want to do the same. May your vision be blessed and manifest a thousand-fold.
Much gratitude,
La Sarmiento, LMT NCTMB, HealthProfs.com
Bodywork | Reiki Classes | Meditation Retreats | Diverse Sanghas

Perfect Retreat!
Breath taking views from the cabin and deck on top of the mountain. Our time there was so peaceful and reinvigerating!! Kayser Ridge enabled us to get away from our hectic schedules and have some alone time in the mountains. It was just what we needed!! Cliff did a wonderful job of making us feel @ home. Keep up the outstanding work!!! Adria Gonzalez. Cape Coral, FL


Kayser Ridge was the ideal location for a weekend board retreat. Our group of 10 was able to work productively, be close to nature, bond over meals and both indoor and outdoor team building activities, all while enjoying the comfort of the lodge and the fireplaces and toasty quilts. I especially enjoyed meals at the long table. I would consider Kayser Ridge a great place for a girls weekend or a family getaway too. It is a real haven! Cliff was there to greet us, gave us a tour, and stayed around until we were settled to make sure we had what we needed. It was the perfect combination of safe and reclusive.

We found Kayser Ridge to be a wonderful and magical place. The house and its surrounding deck are beautiful and provide comfort and delight to the eye constantly.  There are beautiful nights, endless trees and rallying hills which can be viewed from the numerous French doors and windows.  We enjoyed sunrises from the deck and sunsets from the master bedroom. The cairns were particularly delightful and we marveled at how they were so friendly and pleasant to look at.  We look forward to coming back and experiencing the beauty in the fall or winter in this exceptional place.
-Marcia Morris and company

See the video of the June “Awakening Your Inner Heart”

I wanted to express my deep gratitude to your for the exquisite sacred space you created for our group over the weekend and in the bigger picture — the beautiful Sacred Space you created on that mountain ridge which will infuse many souls with Love and Peace.
-Marilou Bova

We are really thankful for your generosity and hospitality. This get-away was a great match with the type of warm, simple connections we were hoping for…and Kayser Ridge seems happier for the hide-and-seek and flash-light-tag, laughter and fun that it got to be a part of. Thank you so much…
–Matt, Stephanie, Matthew, and Lucy

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and space to get off the fast-moving train of day-to-day life and luxuriate in your little slice of Heaven on earth at Kayser Ridge. It’s fantastic — and so are you. Stay the course and I’m sure more beautiful things will continue to unfold for you. I’ll be excited to watch them blossom.
-Susan, Zilyen

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. This is a special place that heals whatever is brought to it. Many wishes for all your dreams to be manifested.

We had such a relaxing mid-week vacation on Kayser Ridge! Your “Cabin” is was so much more than we expected — the interior is well equipped and more than comfortable. The extensive decking gave us many areas in which to sit and take in the various panoramas. Ray admired the many cairnes you have created and he even made one of his own! We’ll look forward to a return visit with friends!
-Lynn and Ray O’Connor

As part of the Oneness Family crowd I thank you for manifesting this vision of Xperience. I am ready to be here in this space — it is what I have seen for myself. The procession of Tao Spirits on the hill spoke to me. So much to say in gratitude.
-Oneness Family School Participant

Thank you so much for envisioning and creating this place. We had such a wondrous time of bonding, reflection, healing, expansion, breathing, creating, laughing, imbibing, sharing, and renewing. Everything here is designed with so much care and intentionality — yet with so much simplicity — leaving openings everywhere for the Tao to Flow through us and beyond us only to return with infinite abundance!! I certainly intend to return here again very soon — to deepen my connection with the mountain and hopefully with you who brought forth this lodge! On behalf of all at Oneness Family School.
-Andrew Kutt

This has been an amazing Xperience…You provided the environment and aura to allow us to reconnect with our mission. “To empower Individuals and Organizations to Attain and Sustain Health and Productivity — and each other!” The Tai Chi, the food, warmth of your home, the sunrises, and the cairns…
-Managed Care Advisors

Thank you so much for bringing your whole self to working with us this weekend for the Xperience Polarity Management Foundations Course. I appreciated your knowledge, enthusiasm, and nurturing throughout the process.
-Michele, BluOpal

Thank you for creating such a welcoming, supportive place to be. And for opening your heart and home to all who come here. I am so glad that the image of Kayser Ridge filled my mind’s eye when I thought about where Jesse and I should work. You are a wonderful and generous host and an amazing chef. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer, America Speaks

We can’t thank you enough for sharing Kayser Ridge with us this weekend. It worked its magic on the two of us as individuals and as a connected couple! We could not have dreamed a better weekend!
-Kelly and Glenn

What a joy it was to be at Kayser Ridge! You have created a sacred space for people to gather that allows others to open their hearts and minds in pursuit of meaningful ways to enrich their lives and ultimately the world. You not only set the stage but provide luscious nourishment for the body and a beautiful peaceful oasis to calm the spirit and soul. Thanks for all you do to inspire and teach others. I learned a lot! It was a great experience.

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful gift of staying at your lovely retreat center. It is a very, very, special place for a lot of good life and work to happen. Mother Nature was at her grandest with beautiful days — the wind — who hasn’t spoken to me in awhile, had some words of wisdom to share.
-Patricia DiVecchio, International Purpose

Thank you from the bottom of my now-nourished heart.

The Tranquil Space teachers LOVED our retreat to this magical place. Namaste’
-Tranquil Space Yoga Teachers

Thank you so much for letting us stay in this glorious place. You’ve really built a paradise on this ridge. We’ll be talking about and blogging about it for a long time.
-Sheila and Merianne, Retreats That Work

It was an honor and a great pleasure to participate in the Intro to Polarity Management workshop you facilitated at your beautiful — spectacularly beautiful !! — home/retreat center. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, experience, and unique gifts — I learned SO MUCH!
I look forward to our path crossing again.
-Jean, Navigating Our Future

Thanks for the use of the incredible space for our men’s retreat weekend! Such amazing energy and the location was perfect for our relaxing and fun getaway. All the guys had a great time, especially arguing over constellations we never get to see in the city. We’ll see you again very soon!
Be Well, Namaste!
-Kevin and Dave, Tranquil Space

The weekend at your place was great.  The air so clean, the home so nurturing, the views spectacular and the weather perfect! It was wonderfully relaxing and just the break we needed.
-Susan Waldman

I experienced “IT” at Kayser Ridge — peace, tranquility and a welcomed connection to nature.  The setting fed my soul, enabling me to be open to the spirit. It gave me the willingness and inspiration to do the serious work of the Oneness Family School board. I am very pleased that we accomplished so much in a short time. I appreciated time for hiking, reflecting, and getting to know the other board members more deeply.  The fresh, delicious and natural food, cooked in gourmet fashion, was an added treat and certainly was way beyond my expectations. Thanks so much for helping to make a working experience a real retreat.
-Ginny Cusack, Chair, Oneness Family School

Each time I go to the mountaintop at Kayser Ridge I experience “IT”!…The nurture of magnificent natural beauty and embrace of the warmth and love that is the essence of Kayser Ridge.
-Bette George

Hi Cliff: Your listing for XPERIENCE LLC on RetreatFinder.com, the online directory of group and personal retreats, received the following review that has been posted to your listing.
Reviewer: Valeria Merino
We recently had a retreat in Kayser Ridge. I would just say wonderful!: very nice facilities, beautiful surroundings and fantastic food and friendly and very competent management. Just delightful!
-Alec Franklor, RetreatFinder.com
When you find inner peace, you move the world towards peace

Cliff, Just wanted to say “thank you” again for allowing Shelly and I to rent your place.  Honestly, I’ve been faced with some really big challenges lately and our time at Kayser Ridge was so peaceful and relaxing.  Time just seemed to come to a halt.  And the night sky!  Anyway … I am so appreciative of you allowing us to stay there and we will return in the near future – the sooner the better!
Sincerely and Gratefully,
-Jay Nickless

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