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Using Archetype and Polarity Dynamics to Cultivate Well-being, with Cliff Kayser and Cindy Atlee


We’ve talked about doing a workshop that combined key interconnected elements in polarity thinking and archetypes for years, and we finally did it! In this highly experiential and practical workshop, join us (Cindy Atlee and Cliff Kayser) to learn and understand how these two powerful meta-theories come together—and how to work with them to cultivate greater well being for yourself and your clients.

What you’ll experience

  • A deeper, more holistic way of understanding yourself and others
  • Practical ways of seeing the most common archetypal patterns—and the polarity dynamics they’re likely to drive
  • Concrete ways of working with these two foundational, universally recurring human energy systems for insight and action

How you’ll benefit

  • See challenges and opportunities through “new eyes” and a more useful lens
  • Greater capacity to maximize archetypal gifts and minimize shadow elements
  • Sustainable approaches to develop truly high-performance leaders and organizations by managing archetypal and polarity dynamics

What you’ll learn

During this very interactive weekend, you’ll learn about the six pairs of archetypes that recur most often in contemporary life, the motivational drivers that fuel their presence—and how polarities will predictably and inevitably form around them. Together, we’ll work through practical methods for recognizing and working with these dynamic pairs:

  • Innocent (idealism) and Everyperson (realism)
  • Caregiver (supportiveness) and Hero (assertiveness)
  • Creator (generativity) and Revolutionary (reform)
  • Lover (connection) and Explorer (individuality)
  • Ruler (strategy) and Magician (vision)
  • Sage (knowledge) and Jester (wit)

Like all of us, you probably find some of these archetypal characters (called story types) far more appealing than others.  The story types you relate to most personify who you are at your best, and illuminate the strengths and values that will bring you the greatest success and satisfaction in your working world.  If you’re not conscious about the polarities they can trigger, though, these very same archetypal energies can dramatically narrow your perspective and leave no room for other ways of being and doing that may be needed in the moment.

So, how do you express your best, most authentic self, experience the joy and aliveness that comes from being who you really are—and also successfully leverage the polarities that will certainly emerge?  Join Cliff and Cindy in October to find out!


Workshop/Retreat Leaders

  • Cliff Kayser is Partner/VP and Dean of Mastery/Coaching Programs at Polarity Partnerships and creator of Kayser Ridge Retreat and Learning Center. CONTACT: or 202/494-2849
  • Cindy Atlee is Partner at The Storybranding Group and creator of the story typing development process for individuals, teams and leaders. CONTACT: or 703/917-4040

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for coaches, consultants and OD/HR/Learning professionals.

If you have background in Polarity Thinking and Archetypes, that’s a plus, but no prior training of polarity thinking or archetypes is required. We’re sharing newly created stuff! A few prerequisites:

1) curiosity to learn

2) desire to cultivate/improve well-being in your personal and professional life; and,

3) ability to carve out some time/space for yourself this fall in a beautiful learning space.


Certification in Polarity Foundations in PACT™ (Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation)

Kayser Ridge Retreat and Learning Center, 375 Breakthrough Ln. Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

2017 OFFERINGS (each are independent 2-day sessions):
January 22-24 — REGISTER

March 26-28 — REGISTER

Arrive in time for group dinner 7:00pm
Session time is 9-5pm through and day two, 9-4pm
Optional: Taichi/Yoga Physical Practice in the mornings, 8:30-9:00am

Pre-work requirement 5-7 hours online/self-paced — Videos, Readings, and Assignment. This Foundations course fulfills the prerequisite requirements for the Advanced PACT™ training/licensing and the 2-year Mastery Program (see for more information about the Mastery Program).

This program brings together a variety of skill and knowledge dimensions to create an enriching and comprehensive experience of theory and practice. The number of attendees for each program is limited to eight (8) to provide focused personal and customized application of the material. The design of the program focuses on three areas: 1) Theory, 2) Self, and 3) Systems.

1) Focus on Theory — ensures firm grounding in the basic concepts and dynamics of the phenomenon of interdependent pairs/polarities.
• Clearly understand and describe what polarities are and how they work intra-personally, interpersonally, and systemically
• Distinguish problems to solve from polarities to leverage
• Become familiar with common polarities in the business literature
• Become firmly grounded and able to describe the “Top 10” Polarity Principles to someone unfamiliar with polarity thinking
• Clearly understand and describe what polarities are and how they work in human systems, including how we get hooked and stuck in polarity tensions, and how to get unstuck
• Complete an Action Learning experience using the PACT™ assessment tool
• Learn and apply the 5-Step S.M.A.L.L. process for leveraging polarities:
Seeing – learn how to apply a polarity lens to appreciate both accuracy and completeness in polarity dynamics for yourself, and others;
Mapping – learn and practice your skill in building Polarity Maps™ to support seeing and measuring performance;
Assessing – learn how to assess performance and diagnose results of Polarity Map™ and PACT™ assessments;
Learning – support others in making meaning of assessment results; and,
Leveraging – develop quality Action Steps and measurable Early Warnings so individuals, teams, and organization systems can attain their preferred futures faster and more sustainably

2) Focus on Self — ensures we are able to interpret and embody our understanding of the theory as it manifests within us as individual leaders and as coaches/consultants. This includes reviewing and assessing key polarities within the ICF Core Competencies to supplement and enhance coaching skills.

3) Focus on Systems ensures we are able to work with polarities as they show up in our families/teams and collective systems. You’ll have opportunities to turn the theory and practice inward by participating in several PACT™ assessments and a real-time action-learning project — experiencing firsthand how measuring and tracking can support leverage for multiple polarities at the enterprise level.

COST: $2000.00
Includes Facilitation, Program Materials, Lodging, and Six “Healthy Gourmet” meals + snacks
(NOTE: Dawn and Cliff seek to leverage the polarity of Good Taste AND Good Health – please let us know about food preferences/allergies)

Use above links or contact Jason Roberts or Cliff Kayser

2-year Mastery in Polarity Thinking, Cohort VII is now forming! More Information

-Learn from the collective experience, latest thinking, and current application from Polarity Thinking Mastery faculty — THE Master, Barry Johnson, PhD, Cliff Kayser, and Guest Faculty Members, including Mastery graduate visiting faculty.
-Promote your growth and visibility as a skilled and knowledgeable resource in the Polarity Partnerships community.
-Contribute your unique gifts to the Polarity Thinking theory and practice in a supportive learning community “cohort.”

Program Components
Meet every 3 months at Kayser Ridge Retreat & Learning Center or on location/near a client site.
Use The Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation™ (PACT) as a cohort consulting team in a not-for-profit organization.
Develop and apply Polarity Thinking knowledge and skill competencies to self and systems.

For application information or more information contact Cliff Kayser,

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